Tuesday, April 3, 2012

day 204 ding ding dong

I have been stressing out about the fact that I mailed my car payment in and it hasn't come out of my checking account. I have called the past two days and they are like, nope haven’t gotten it. So the plan was to put a stop payment on the check tomorrow (yes I still write checks). Then I go to write my rent check and what do ya know… that stupid check is all filled and out still in my check book! I mailed them an empty envelope! Geez! Apparently an empty envelope doesn't cut it,  I need constant supervision.
I am going to bed now; I have been cleaning and doing laundry all night getting ready for my dinner date. I told Red Flag that I would dazzle him with my culinary skills, so he is coming over for dinner tomorrow night….. I hope he likes soft tacos! Then we are going downtown to listen to some music.

Oh and having the fear of another boy finding out I have a blog has me worried. So I Googled myself today and dangit it, my blog came up! It shows the post when I said the word Google in it, I guess that triggered it. So I guess this post will be on Google too. I can't have another boy that I am talking to read about himself no mo! No whammys no whammys (hopefully not everyone does research on prospects).

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