Sunday, April 1, 2012

day 202 blackened banana

Man oh man! I just made this gorgeous salmon salad; started pouring on the dressing and it comes out like lava at top speed! My poor salad was drowning in Lite Vidalia Onion Dressing with no fault of my own.  I did some cussin and managed to spoon some of it out, but it was still a little juicer than I like.
Productive Sunday! I slept like Rip Van Winkle yesterday, so my energy level was a little more than expected on a Sunday. Church, groceries, cleaning, gym, found the missing banana, solved the mystery of the fruit flies in my linen closet. How in the heck does a banana wind up on a shelf and under folded clothes? I have no idea, but the banana smell was very confusing for about a week.

Red Flag and I have been texting all weekend, he says that he has met his match because my "sarcasm is relentless" well that’s the charm in me, take it or leave it :) He tried to tell me that Easter Sunday was moved up to today when I told him I was going to church. He made me do a quick double-think as I Googled this alleged news bulletin...hahaha...don't make me think I am crazy on April Fool’s Day!

Got a strange call from an alarm company today telling me that Sarah’s house alarm is going off! And she has me down as her emergency contact. She is out of town and well so am I, the burglars have the green light! Turns out it was just her realtor, her house is on the market and she set off the alarm (maybe someone else should take my spot girl; it’s a lot of pressure to save the day from another state).

That is all; I gotta decompress and watch Blake "ooohh lala" Shelton host the AMC's.

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