Thursday, April 12, 2012

day 209 cold peas

I called in sick yesterday to work and to my blog, work was more forgiving :) I am sorry for worrying people; it’s nice to be on the radar though.
Why do I love cold peas out of a can? It’s normal to eat them from the can while you’re waiting for the salmon to cook I think.

Well I my body has seen better days. Since last weekend's outward bound, I have been nursing a virus, bites, cuts on my wrists and bruises all over the places. Ick the Tick came back to visit and Tigger the Chigger had a field day on my legs. I look like I should be on suicide watch at a battered women’s shelter. I went to the doctor yesterday to see what was up, I have a virus and sexy chigger bites, plenty of fluids, rest and calamine is what she prescribed.

Per the doctor’s request, I spent all day sleeping on the couch yesterday, I woke up and homeboy talked me into coming over and laying on his couch while he made me dinner. I thought that sounded better than me fending for myself. I went there, he fed me, we watched a movie, he fed me Nyquil, and I fell asleep, good times! Since I was drugged up, I had to spend the night, I slept in his bed while he slept on the couch like a gentlemen. I am still up in the air with this guy, but he gets points for being nice (nice guys finish last so we’ll see). Amber and Clare think I should stop waiving the red flag and hold the white one up for a minute and Brandy thinks I should just keep him at arm’s length until I see what’s up with the divorce crazy fog.

It was nice being taken care of while being sick, although it woulda been nice if he would have woke me up before he went to work!  Thank goodness I have an internal alarm clock, but I barely made it to work. He said he didn't want to wake me, well that’s all lovely if I didn't have to freaking go to work.

No more Demolition Derby Marketing Dude material, that segment was short lived, he got the ax. The inappropriate admin got her walking papers too, I am so sad that I won’t get to hear any more stories about belly button puss and listen to clanking cereal bowls every morning.  I have never seen so many people get fired in my life, better not sneeze the wrong way; I would like to stay clear of that chopping block if I could.

Now I gotta get ready for my next wave of excitement, 3 peeps from my main crew in Atlanta are coming to stay with me this weekend! WOOHOOO! Christine, Patti and Josh are coming up and I am pumped!!!

I knew if I held out long enough they would cave and make the drive over the mountain. Josh is my homie from way way back, like 10 years back. He married Christine, who has turned into one of my very best friends and Patty, what can I say, is very near and dear to my heart. She was one of my stops on my nomadic trails of tears. She was after KT and before Marybeth; she got to keep me for 3-4 months, which was the typical stint. So it is my job to show them a good time, I think I am up for the task.

Ok I just got excited!

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