Thursday, April 26, 2012

day 220 hiccup

DONE. 2 ½ hours later, 7 loads of laundry washed, folded and put away.  I went from no clean clothes to all clean more commando, yay! Although, had I known that I had $11 in the pocket of some dirty jeans, I would have opted to not buy my dinner from the dollar you know how much damage I could have done with $11?! Geeeeeeez! Tomorrow payday, I made it, hallelujah.

Vera took me to Logan’s for a steak lunch, it was such a treat! I swear I will never take anything for granted.

My friend Anna is coming into town for a wedding and she is bringing her boyfriend. We were gonna try and meet for a bit this weekend but she is the Maid of Honor and may not have time for her ol pal. But get this; her man has had the hiccups for the past two days straight!!! They were supposed to be here already but may have to stay and go to the doctor tomorrow. She asked if I knew of any doctor friends that could help sooner than tomorrow. I told her to call my super smart nurse homie, Casey, to see if she could help. Not sure what the status is now but one thing if for sure, that sucks! If I had the hiccups for more than one hour, I probably would wanna jump off something tall and onto something sharp, but two days! How does that happen and what is the cure? I would be hanging upside down from a tree while drinking water out of a glass backwards while reciting the alphabet in Spanish while pouring sugar in my mouth if I were him.

Ok time to unwind from my laundry marathon...I hear some clean sheets calling my name!

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