Monday, April 16, 2012

day 211 lordy lordy she is freakin 40!

ok I just got a lesson in body image and self-esteem. If Christina Aguilera can get up on stage in front for her peers and fans on The Voice wearing nothing but a leotard, knowing she got some serious bedonkadonk in the trunk, then I shouldn't worry about a little arm fat oozing out over my tank top. She doesn't give a flying crap; she put on some weight, has embraced her curves and worked it. Not sure who her stylist is and she should never wear that outfit again, but go girl.
I am still under the weather; I put my virus on hold for the weekend's festivities. But today, the hold button was flashing, I accidentally pressed redial and I am back to sipping tea on the couch not feeling like a million bucks.

I called Jason to break up with him today. I have been dreading this call, I really don't want to end our relationship, but it came down to putting gas in my car or taking dance lessons. I have to be responsible, I need to be logical and smart….so dance lessons it is! He talked me into just going to the free group dances and parties until I catch up on some bills. I don't know what I am gonna do, so I complied for now.

I would like extend a humongous HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my good friend Patti!!!! It was great to hang with her again! BUT I feel like a jerkface and I sort of dropped the birthday ball. I didn’t even mention it at all that her birthday was today while she was here! She is in “birthday party central” and I didn't make a big deal out of it, didn’t mention it to anyone, didn’t even propose a toast.. nothing!!! I suck!!!! I am so sorry girl, but self-promoting is not necessarily a bad thing either. If you could have just dropped a small hint that I was maybe forgetting something, I wouldn't be feeling like a bad friend right now, so thanks a lot :) I mean I make sure that CNN has my birthday penciled into their calendar every year, so it’s really no one fault but your own. HA Just kidding girl, love ya! Happy 40th!

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