Saturday, April 21, 2012

day 215 I have a date with my couch

My date with my couch today is everything I imagined it would be. I am having much needed down time. I just watch a horrible movie "The Upside of Anger" turns out there is no upside to anger....2 thumbs down. Next I am gonna watch “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" since I just finished the book this morning. It only took me 3 months, pretty good for 600 pages I think.

Thursday I went to the doctor, my once a year girly thing and it was a trip. The doctor’s office was in a mall, I walk up and sign in on a touch screen kiosk like I was about to get on flight, then I stood in line while waiting on one of the 8 eight registers to open up like I was checking out at Marshalls and then they gave me a buzzer thing like I am waiting on a table at TGI Fridays. My buzzer thing vibrates and the door automatically opens and I enter. There isn't any one on the other side, it was weird. What happen to signing in on a sheet of paper and the nurse calls you in? My doctor was super cool though, he was asking what medicines I take, I was like nothing but vitamins. I start spittin out my list of supplements, I told him I take something for my memory, he asked what the name was and I told him that I couldn’t remember. He started dying laughing, he was like its ain’t workin hunny.

That night I went to The Sounds game with LOL Red Flag Same Shirt (that is his Indian name) I had to add to it since he wears that same shirt every time we go out, I am not sure that is all about, but homie needs a new shirt We had a fine time, it was cool to be in a setting that was not Broadway for a change. The stadium was awesome in a low key kinda way, the score board was one huge guitar and I can see me going to a lot of games since it was so so cheap.

We did hit up Broadway on the way home though, he is like addicted to this street, I myself need to venture out. That said, I put my profile back up on POF, I am back on the online scene. I need to shake things up a bit.

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