Tuesday, April 10, 2012

day 208 sicky suprise

There is a first time for everything!
So I am not feeling well today, throat hurts and body aches. I had plans with Chris tonight but called in sick. He said he understood and that maybe I will feel better tomorrow. I get home from work and there is a bag hanging on my door knob, with chicken noodle soup in it! He left me soup at my door!

*Pause for reaction*

Clinger sminger, I thought it was oh so sweet! I actually surprised myself by thinking it was so sweet. I think it’s because I was talking to Paul at work today and I was filling him in on things and telling him about my new dating partner. I told him that I think he might be getting a little clingy. I told him how he calls me just to talk, how he wants to take me on dates, how he is super complimentary, that he thinks I’m a hoot and I can be myself around him. Paul was like, "um that sounds just awful Stephanie, oh and BTW that is what they call dating." HA!

I guess he is right, this is how people who want to get to know each other better treat each other, it never occurred to me. I guess I am used to the hunt and this is pretty effortless. I mean I am always talking about how guys are so dumb and all they have to do is the littlest, simplest things to get my attention. I was always yelling at Gary about how it’s the little things that count and it’s the little things that make me smile. So guess what, 2 ready-to-eat bowls of Campbell’s Extra Chucky Chicken Noodle Soup hanging on my door in a Kroger bag....counts as a little thing! 2 points for Red Flag!

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