Wednesday, April 25, 2012

day 219 Momma mia momma mia!

Some things I will never have an answer for, like coming home, changing out of my work attire and finding a piece of scotch tape on my bare bottom. How did that happen? I don't even own any scotch tape. People in the park baffle me too, I don't know if I have every mentioned this, but I go to the park every day for lunch. I sit in my car, eat my salad and then read my book. I usually don't get out and there are hundreds of people that do the same thing. There is always a row of people in every parking lot, sitting alone, just wanting to get out of the office and be surrounded by a gorgeous park. I actually got out today for once, I was in a funk all morning, moping around the office, so I got a blanket out of my trunk and lay down. I took off my shoes, got all comfy with my book and what do ya know, its starts to rain, perfect. I got back in the car for some people watching. There are two guys who I enjoy seeing, the guy who walks his dog on a skate board, it cracks me up to watch this dog haul ass while his dad is sailing behind him on a skate board. The other is this guy who juggles whiles he is running, not sure what that is all about, but it’s quite entertaining and impressive.
I make my way back to my desk and the boss gathers us office girls up and presents us with a dozen cupcakes from Gigi's for Admin Appreciation Day. Nice touch, I ate the most delicious 5 lbs cupcake and all of a sudden my troubles disappear. I no longer care that I am snacking on bacon bits and watching the gas in my gas tank slowly disappear knowing I have two days left until payday. Everything is all good, the cupcake lifted my spirits, I got straight to work, ended up having a great, productive day and celebrated with another cupcake.

Vera is taking me out to lunch tomorrow cause she saw I feeling blue, so that solves the whole out of salad mix problem. I love my co-workers, most of them.

All my troubles are temporary and I have to keep that in mind. The real thing I want to concentrate on is my Mommy and I request a small prayer from each of you. She is making the journey to Emory tomorrow to get a little bone marrow snipped from her bones to get a reading on what's been going on with the cancer. The doc told her to stop the chemo for that past 3 weeks to see how her body reacts and she has felt like a whole new and improved person. The result comes back May 7th so until then, happy thoughts must be sent her way, and that's an order. :) No whammy’s no whammy’s!

Ok back to the top 6 on American Idol, they are singing Queen songs. The first song was Bohemian Rhapsody and now I can’t get Marybeth Thompson’s beautiful voice out of my head.

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