Monday, April 23, 2012

day 217 pactience is a virtue

hhhhhhhmmmmmm writers block! I got nothing. Should I talk about the fact that I am a special needs person when it comes to boys (more on that later) right now I am too embarrassed. I think that’s it silly that I have to consult my advisors before every move I make but I guess that’s what’s it gonna take to get me outta the gate. This guy on POF is super-hot, 6’6” from Athens, GA and seemingly pretty cool. We have been texting. His #1 thing is "no needy chicks.”
Yesterday when our text conversation stopped abruptly, it was weird cause we were just lightly chatting and he responds very quickly. I let it go for the rest of the day and this morning I text "Are you testing my "needy" level?” He wrote back immediately, “no”, he said that I stopped texting which wasn't true, we argued that the other one put the brakes on, we ended up blaming it on our phones and moved on.

Today the same thing happened. After not hearing back after 2 hours I resent my last text thinking that it didn't go through first time. I got crickets. (Everyone go ahead and slap your forehead with the palm of your hand, cause it gets worse). Now I am thinking that it just so happens that the one person on earth who has trouble getting my texts is him. I say screw it and text him again tonight like around 8 (our last text was at lunch) and asked “are we having technical difficulty again?" I got nothing. So I turn my phone off, take out the battery and nothing.

Now I am left wondering, did I just fall into the needy category or are we really having technical difficulty? The only reason I am baffled is because I was throwing out some pretty good material and he said he wanted to meet me sometime this week. So here I sit, I need to remember to the let the guy hunt! I like to hunt and so do they, but there is also the teeny tiny chance that he thinks I am ignoring him because he is not getting my texts. Or he was jacking with my this morning and I look like a chump, either was I am staring at my phone and wondering about a guy I never met. wow. I guess I wasn't that embarrassed as I just spilled my guts, actually I just made a really short story long. The short of the long of it, that’s what happens when I have nothing else to talk about.

Changing the subject to the fact that I chickened out today, other people haven’t gotten their bonuses yet either and since I am low man on the totem pole, I need to be patient. So there you go, I think the key word of the day is patience and the word sad. J

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