Monday, April 30, 2012

day 223 stepped it up!

I finally asked the owner of the company about my bonus! I don't feel good about the results, I went in there fully prepared with reports and a prepared speech, he seemed a little taken back and a little sideswiped.  He said he needed a day to think about it..we shall see...fingers crossed!
I just had to break up with Mr. Deep and Broody, a huge tatted photograph takin biker dude. He wanted to take me on a bike ride and show me how to shoot guns, sweet, the two things that scare the crap out of me. But I found him intriguing until he didn't get my sarcasm and wanted to talk about nothing but himself. I called him out on thinking a lot of himself and that was it, he didn’t like that one bit. He didn't get my jokes and I didn't get the fact he now wants to be a dental hygienist, it was doomed from the start.
POF sucks! 

I finally talked to Sarah for the first time in years, this girl just got a new job and so far has spent the past 7 weeks in Brazil, China, Japan, Hawaii, Arizona and is leaving for New York tomorrow! How does she keep up with the time zones?! I wouldn’t know whether to scratch my watch or wind my butt, much less which currency I am supposed to use to buy a Big Mac with….talk about needing constant supervision! I needed Brandy to walk me through the city of McMinnville, TN not too long ago. Go girl, get it get! Bring me back a fortune cookie next time, I could use it!

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