Wednesday, April 18, 2012

day 213 snafus

My friend Lindsay and I compiled a list of "Dating Don'ts" way back in the day and I must find it. It was absolutely hilarious, the most atrocious and moronic things that boys did on dates with us is on this list and I can't find it.

So in the meantime, I will compile a list of “Work Place Don'ts.”  Here is what I have off the top of my head:

1. If there is a chance that your boss may ask you what your password is to your computer, make sure you haven’t recently changed it to "crackrock." It makes for a very uncomfortable moment.

2. If you are gonna flip off a co-worker (in fun) make sure your boss isn't walking around the corner and coming up behind that person. Again, a red faced uncomfortable moment.

3. Always always spell check before sending a response to an email to your boss. Cause sometimes, if you mean to say “I will take a shot." (on stepping up to the plate and accepting a challenge) you may accidentally say "I will take a shit."

There you have it, all great lessons thus far, I can honestly say I have grown and prospered from these little snafus.

On that note, I have one more lesson to learn on boiling eggs. Next time, make sure I have enough water when boiling a dozen eggs. I boiled eggs after cooking fish tonight, my place now smells like rotten fish eggs AKA dung and almost all of the water evaporated.  They are all sad and cracked chillin in a very hot dry pot with pieces of egg splattered all over the place. Ok got it, lesson learned.

Well I must get back to my sad attempt at a pedicure, I have a date with a boy who continues to laugh out loud and it starts right after work tomorrow. We are attending a double header of the AAA Nashville Sounds.  I am a long long way from Turner Field so this is my only option for a hometown ballgame. I am excited; maybe I will jump on the minor league bandwagon and become huge fan. So tomorrow's blog may not be an option, but I will try…..nite nite.

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