Monday, July 9, 2012

Bachelorette spolier alert

Plan C is Brandy is coming home early and picking up Kilo while I am at work tomorrow. So me and my little loner pooch are having a spend the night party in my bed.
After a fun filled weekend in the sun with the Half-Circle at Brandy’s fabulous brand new pool I am bushed! I am afraid that my insomnia has reared its ugly head. My sleep is slipping away and it sucks! I was grumpy and worthless at work today so I must go to bed in few minutes.

I had to stay up and watch Emily send home the 3rd to the last guy on the Bachelorette. Shocked! But I knew the second he showed up in the ridiculously low-cut blue V-neck T-shirt, fuchsia shorts and matching slippers that he was a for you! I am excited to see the finale, I haven’t been this invested in this show in years.

Well that is all I got for today. Special thanks to my Bestie for her hospitality...hopefully I will be invited back. She may still be mad at me for locking all of her doors to her house. I did this just in time for the fence guy (Dug) to drive an hour to her house.  The plan was for him to install the fence while she was gone. Oops, good thing he is a guy who can break in first and then fix it later. Its hard to get into the habit of never locking your doors..sorry girl.

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