Tuesday, July 24, 2012

bidet full of ice

Many of you have asked me why Hank and I aren’t dating. Well he declared us just friends and I am just rollin with it. It takes the pressure off and we can just hang out and have fun. He may be talking me into going to see Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks tonight (another concert on the free tour). I went out last night so I don't know if I’m up for it and my ankle still hurts.
I bought my ticket to Vegas! One month from today, I am getting on a plane for the first time in years and heading out for a much needed getaway. So pumped!

Ok I don't want to hear one word, but I went back on POF the weekend before last when I was depressed on the couch with my injury. I can't decide if I am bound and determined to prove everyone wrong and find the love of my life on this ridiculous site or I was just that bored. Pretty sure it’s option B. This guy Andy has surfaced and I invited him to the pool on Saturday. Yes, I opted to have a blind date in a bathing suit with Kelly there. Kelly and I already had plans to get some sun so I just added this guy with game show host hair to the mix. His hair is short, perfectly parted on the side and never moves, not even in the pool. He made me laugh out loud a few times and that’s always a good sign. Kelly, on the other hand, wasn't all that amused and she ended up calling him a jackass to his face. Aw crap, here we go.

Well he did say a couple of ignorant sounding comments; they were the equivalent to your grandpa calling black people colored and not knowing any better. He referred to black people as "2pac listening m'ther f''ers" and he walked the racial tight rope as he discussed black people versus white people and rather loudly. Meanwhile, he needed to look around and realize his audience. This pool is not exactly segregated. Kelly was just getting embarrassed that someone could be over hearing us and get the wrong idea. Well I think he was just nervous about walking into the lion’s den and didn't feel all that comfortable meeting a girl for the first time and her loud mouth, opinionated wingman. That said, I agree to another date cause it turns out that his best friend is black and all my racial doubts left the building.

I spent all day Monday dropping hints to reschedule this date cause I was so tired. Well all the hints were ignored and the next thing I knew he was minutes from my apartment. Crap! I am already in my comfys, so I replaced the pink boxers with wrinkled white pants and kept the pink V-neck T-shirt on, threw all my clothes on the floor into my closet just in time to greet him at the front door.  I decided that we would just sit on the deck and get to know each other, so I didn’t bother dressing up. Well the first thing out of his mouth when he walked in the door was “are you high?” WHAT??!!! Um no, I don’t do drugs but thanks for the compliment. He said I looked stoned, I said I was exhausted remember, I tried telling you this but you didn't listen! Geez way to make a girl wanna go stick her face in a bidet full of ice.

I didn’t know that when he got to my place that we would be heading back to his work to get his wallet that he left in his work truck. See it’s more common than you think leaving wallets behind. Ok so now we are on a field trip and on the way back we stopped for dinner at a nice Cantina in the Gulch. The Gulch is a new part of Nashville that I’ve never been to so that was cool. This restaurant that was pretty nice and my “sitting on the deck” outfit quickly because unacceptable. Oh well. He talks a whole heck of a lot, like nonstop. But having been around the alternative, I prefer a motor mouth over a tree. He’s got a good job driving a Fed-Ex Freight truck and is not afraid to talk about money. It’s annoying but it’s too common with boys around these parts to rule it a deal breaker. We had a nice time; he came in instead of just dropping me off. We sat on the couch and I yawned 400 hundred times and he finally got the hint that I was done. He left and texted me that he thought I was great and wants to see me again……ok fine, a girls gotta eat and I’m still on the fence.

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