Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 277 hhhhhhmmmmm

Big tall oak......that will describe the guy I went out with last night. I can't decide which was taller him or his truck (like I could of driven my Camry under it).He is 6'5" and sorta intimidating. This is a first. I am used to being the mighty giant and holding my hand out to feed the little puppy dogs following behind me. This guy was bigger than life and great on paper. I sorta felt like I should have had my resume with me, he was asking me questions and I felt like I didn't prepare for my interview. The last guy I dated never asked me a question so I had to get my sea legs back. He crossed a few items off my list.....tall, handsome, big truck, strong minded, funny, likes country music, works out and he added a few to my list. Successful business owner, professional softball player (didn't know that existed) owns 3 farms so he can hunt on them and is not a big partier. He is pretty flashy with his money, like he literally flashed his 100 dollar bills as he was paying the check so I’m not sure what to think about that. Everyone know that I am not impressed by money, maybe its cause I don’t' have any. My new favorite saying is “I don't worry about money cause I don't have any to worry about" (I made it up).

Anyway, he sat there and told me exactly what he is like and what he wants and I could take it or leave it pretty much. He is an electrician and owns his own company. I told him I was always looking for new subcontractors, maybe I will have him come in for an interview of my own.

He gave me a half hug and a hand shake. I couldn't get a read on how he felt about me but I for sure want to go out with him again now that I have a little bit of a challenge on my hands. It’s a great opportunity to use all my new lessons that I learned and apply them accordingly.

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