Thursday, July 5, 2012


Well the 3rd of July had Spazwell written all over it. This is the night of the concert. I get off work and have just enough time to freshen up. I wash my face and then realize that I left all of my makeup at work! Crap! What in the hell am I supposed to do now? I have 20 minutes to figure it out. I start digging in old purses and old traveling bags and found random old makeup. I slap on some crusty foundation from the mid-80s, found a teeny tiny bit of bronzer that I crush up with my fingernail and put it on with my fingers like it was war paint. I did however have my mascara, so aside from being a bit shiny and orange I think I turned out ok. I throw on my cowboy hat and sunglasses just in case.
The concert was hilarious, good ol Bret Michaels still working it, singing about a thorny rose. Def Leopard was awesome, I was pretty impressed, and especially after I found out that the drummer only has on arm. One arm?? That is one busy arm! They played all the favorites and I befriended the token drunk mom who probably hasn't been out of the house since most of the songs debuted.

We left the concert and the real fun began. I step on this weird elevated sidewalk in front of the Hilton as we were walking to the car. I didn't see it coming it being midnight at all, I stepped on it wrong, tripped and rolled my ankle. I am now lying in the middle of the side walk in some serious pain. I have zero tolerance for any kind of pain, I freakin paper cut can ruin my entire morning so this is about to get dramatic. I can't even walk at this point and I am convinced my ankle is broken. My friend, Hank leaves me on the sidewalk and goes and gets the car. By the time he gets back I had a guy sitting next to me allowing me to use him as a foot stool. Hank picks me up and puts me in the car. After a long debate on whether to go the hospital or not, we opted to just take me home and I would see how it looked in the morning. After I get carried up to my apartment I go to unlock my door and my keys are gone!!! AAHHH! Seriously? When, how and why?? I didn't even need my keys so why would they be gone?  I don't panic since I do have some experience with misplacing my belonging, I remain calm. Hank took me to his apartment which is 30 minutes away, thank goodness he is a total nice guy and gentlemen and is pretending to be patient with me in train wreck mode. He carries me to the stairs and I hop on one foot up three flights of stairs. He gives me some Advil, ice, wraps and elevates my foot and tucks me in and he went and slept on the couch.

I wake up the next morning with one fat and blue ankle. It’s pretty swollen; it looks like I have a baseball attached to it. So yesterday, it being the 4th, I opted to go the pool and ice it for 30 minutes or until the ice melted whichever came first on and off all day. The original plan was to go downtown and watch the fireworks, but that was when I had two working feet. I did get to hear them from my deck and watch them on the TV so it was almost like I was there.

Anyhoo, going to go to work and figure out where my keys went, I am thinking they went flying out of my purse when I went down in flames in front of the Hilton. I may go there, look for them and discuss the dangers of their sidewalk with the lady at the front desk on my lunch break.

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