Tuesday, July 3, 2012

time machine

It’s good to know that I am always one run and one fist pump away from a good mood. I woke up a little creaky, fell asleep even before the Bachelorette was over (so I don't know if she sent Chris home or not I hope she did). The 330am wakeup calls my brain has on a nightly basis are catching up with me so I was tired! During my run I am watching these stages go up for tonight and the 4th! I love my city! This summer is really rolling right along and I am loving it!

The sold out concert is tonight Def Lep and Poison and its inside at the arena. The plan is to watch free concerts by the river and head inside the time machine back to the 80s! I am pretty excited to see Bret Michaels since I have this connection with him after watching him French kiss strippers over and over over on his reality show Rock of Love.

I have my speech prepared I that I will give to myself before I leave...it rhymes with Ro Prefrets

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