Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 49

Omy gosh, one of the dogs that I was dog sitting all last weekend, who I wall calling Graciesadie because I didn't know which dog was Gracie and which dog was Sadie, well I stayed at Aimee's last night and it turns out that the dogs name is Lucy. ooopsy...only if dogs could talk, "Hey dumbass, stop making up names! Seriously stop calling me Sadiebracie, I am only letting you beleive that that's my name because I really want that treat in your hand"

Dangit! just minutes ago, I was chuckling at myself for making up names, and in a splendid mood, and instantly I am sick to my stomach. I am at Aimee's house we are both on our laptops and she wanted to look at my cousins photo on FB so she can put a face with the name, so she looks her up and her page is not on private, so you can still see everything on her wall, Aimee said , it looks likes she is in Chattanooga.(Chattanooga is 30 minutes from Randy and it is where I met him) Hey asshole, if you are reading this, put your page on private, no one cares that you are in Chattanooga, you should be ashamed of yourself! whore.

Ok, I am gonna try and pretend the last 10 minutes didn't happen and go back to being splendid. I gotta get ready for work, today is going be a great day!!!!!! Thank you Lord Amen!

no whammies no whammies!

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