Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 53

So I stayed at Aimee's last night, and she prefers if I leave my door open so the cats and dogs can go and come as they please and her room is next to mine with her door open. I woke up in the middle of night and had to go to bathroom, its pitch black, I don't want to turn on any lights so I won't wake her up and even if I wanted to turn a light on, I couldn't find it. I am all drugged up on my sleeping pills and get up to feel for the door, it takes a few minutes (picture me feeling around in the dark while doing the pee pee dance) finally open up a door, to the closet, dangit! Move a few feet over to the right and open the correct door, I am not sure why I didn't just turn the light on after I shut the bathroom door, but again, I am drugged up, I manage to feel my way to the toilet, I can't find the toilet paper in the dark, so I just take off my boxers and use them. I feel my way back to the bed (don't worry, I didn't put my boxers back on) and go back to sleep, operation blackout bathroom complete.

I wake up and realize what I have done, just shake my head and head down stairs for homemade french toast and coffee. I had a good day at work, until I realize that I am missing half of my tips, I have no idea where this money went, I guess I dropped it, awesome, I basically just did some volunteer work. Its ok I have way too much money as it is.

I saw my friend Gary Schelton today at work, he is an old school friend from the Decatur crew, he moved to Nashville a few years ago, so it was a nice surprise to see him. We got to catch up, he asked me where I was living, I tried to explain that I live in Manchester and stay at random people's houses and he just looks at me and asked "you live out of your car don't you?" um well, ya know, my nomad tendencies are alive and kicking. Then I asked him when he was inviting me over for dinner and he asked "are you looking for your next meal?" um well, sorta, a girls gotta eat.

Brandy took me and the boys out for dinner with her ex-brother-in-law, Joey, and his wife so she could catch up and I could get some facetime. I had met Joey a couple of years ago and he remembered me by the rice-roni story that Brandy likes to tell people (a story for another time). His company is hiring and I just happen to have a resume that he needed to see. I am grateful for any opportunity to network, so that was nice of her, thanks girl.

My friend Justin at work burned his own nose with his own cigarette. I am still confused on the details of how this happened, the end of his nose looks like Rudolph, just wanted to fit that story in somehow.

Well that's I all I got for today....

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