Wednesday, September 28, 2011

day 64, state of confusion

I am so confused! Alicia linked me together on Facebook with one of her friends whose lives in Nashville, who happens to be in construction. She wanted us to meet over facebook and so we did, and he told me he wanted to meet me for lunch to talk about his connections he has in the industry. So the picture of Alicia's friend Kyle who she linked me to is Oriental and I am expecting an Oriental guy named Kyle to walk through the door, so I motioned to the hostess that it wasn't him as this White guy is heading in my direction. Well it turns out it was him. I have no idea who the Oriental guy in the picture was. I didn't say anything to him, I just sat there confused for awhile. We ended up having a nice lunch and he gave me a number of someone who maybe hiring. We shall see.

This damn cat at Kelly's keeps jumping on me, I thought I made it perfectly clear to Confucius there is no touching me. I guess he is grateful for me saving his life. This dog was barking like a maniac outside earlier, so I opened the door to see what the heck was going on. Um it was a very large female Pitt Bull cornering the cat on the front porch. HOLY CRAP!! The cat is hissing and was able to open the door just enough for the cat to come in and I slammed it before the dog bum rushed the door and had us both for lunch.

 I am now sitting on the couch typing and mosquito just landed on my arm and bit me, this is a very strange day. I topped it off with 2 episodes of Dexter. I must now get ready for work, can't wait to see what strange occurrences await my arrival.

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