Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 55

Yesterday at work was I pulled a classic spaswell. This girl Kathleen, has been there for 5 years and doesn't accept new people well, so we are just now starting to talk. She asks me if I want a milkshake from Jack n the Box, I say no, then she says that they are the best and you must have one, and it must be cookies n cream, I am still reluctant but decide to give in and say "ok, if thats what the cool kid are doing then I will have one but not cookies and cream, maybe just chocolate" she says no you must have cookies and cream, I say "NO, but wait... do they have oreo???".....THAT IS COOKIES AND CREAM!! she yells. So now she is laughing and telling everyone about the the cookies and cream/oreo fiasco. It goes like this: 'This milkshake sucks, I asked for cookies n cream and I got Oreo'...HAHAHOHOHO. OK GOT IT :)

This joke goes on and on through out the day and the damn thing wasn't even that good.

I hung out with Mike D and Allie after work, she set it up for us to meet at Rebar after work, she would stay for awhile, then slip out and let us get to know each other, she is such a good wingman. He gets there and she stays for about 30 minutes and leaves. We talk about football, he is a huge Pats fan, and we talk about how much we hate each others teams and how we need to find better jobs where we make more money (more on that later) and then shortly after he needs to go, so we hung out for about 30 glorious minutes. It was fun to hang out with him while it lasted, this will not go past a friendship (seeing as I got a fist bump when we said our good-byes) which is totally cool, I can't date a grown-ass-man who sags his pants like Snoop Dogg.

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