Monday, September 26, 2011

Still day 62 still catching up

I am enjoying a few moments of solitude while Brandy and the kids are a football practice. I had an interview today at a place called M-TEK. Its a automotive plant that produces the plastic injections for cars, Nissans mostly. Its HUGE and is in Manchester and according to Brandy, they practically employ the whole town. I was not sure what the job entailed going into the interview, but gave my resume to Joey, Brandy's ex-husbands brother and he passed it around, they called me Friday to come into today.The interview went well, but is an admin position and he said I have the qualities that they are looking for, but not the experience and it would really help if I knew some Japanese. Um ok, sorry I will go grab Rosetta Stone on the way home and brush up on my ching chang chung (I actually wouldn't mind knowing what those nail girls are saying about me when I get a pedicure).  He said if this job doesn't pan out then there may be another one on down the line. We shall see.

I am indifferent, I wouldn't mind getting my career started again, but that make take some time and in the meatime, I am okay serving the people of Nashville until that opportunity presents itself. I like the country and I am liking the city the more time I spend in it. I like Manchester but it seems a little limiting as far as the life want to lead. If I had a husband and kids, the country would be a no brainer, I always said I will live wherever I get a job so who knows.

Nashville is an exiting place to be, with tons of stuff I have yet to explore. My friend Kelly and I went out Saturday night downtown, we had a blast! Started off at a chili cook-off with some of my work peeps, then went downtown to listen to some country music and then went and ate BBQ at Rippeys. When we left Rippys the Predator game got out and all of sudden we found ourselves in a sea of people, they were everywhere, so we packed it in and went back to Kellys. She has an awesome house with a deck, complete with fire pit, so we hung out there and my friend Max came over. We all had a great time sitting out on the patio just talking and laughing. The next morning I got up and Kelly introduced me to Dexter, she just started Season 1 and since my family has been trying to get me to watch it forever, I decided to give it a whirl. I love it!!! I got sucked in and watched 4 episodes while Kelly cooked us Ribeye before I went to work. Not a bad way to spend my Sunday. I love the fact that all the places that I "stay" at are hosted by people who love to cook...awesome.

I have been working non-stop, which is fine, I don't mind doing what I am doing right now, sure living out of my trunk can get old, but I am having enough fun to compensate for a little instability. I worked last night while watching the Steelers game, I catch so much hell for supporting a "rapist" QB. whatever, alleged rapist I always say and I don't support Ben's actions just the fact he and the Steelers win football games is all I care about.

I was talking to this couple at one of my tables last night, they were a fun, so I pulled a chair up and started talking to them, Mike D comes up wondering what I am doing, so he sits down next to me and I introduce him, it was pretty funny. A little later, this couple points out the fact they are certain the Mike D likes me, I am intrigued by this observation. I asked how they know and they said they could tell by his body language and the way he talks to me, hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm maybe I am wearing him down, buy being a complete nut job at work. I have let down my guard and starting doing and saying anything I want at work, and most of the time it involves doing a little jig and/or the running man. Mike D said I was the whitest girl he ever met and I was offended, I don't know if it was my dance moves or the fact that I am NOW the whitest girl he has ever met.... literally.

Kendra is so hard on me everyday, I think its funny, I just give it right back to her, I asked her "Are you hard on because you see so much potential in me and you know I can do better and you want me to shine?" and she just rolled her eyes and said I am watching you! :)

I came home late last night and Dug was here, Brandy had put him to work all day, he installed the wood burning stove she just bought to heat her office, its pretty awesome actually. Ok well, my moments of solitude are ticking so I must go watch some crap TV, I am off of work tomorrow, so I will continue to talk more about all of my hopes and dreams then.

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