Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 59 moving on up! beans don't burn in the kitchen

I just watched my very first Survivor episode ever! I don't know why I have never watched it, I just accepted the fact that I missed the boat on it, but Brandy lured me in and I have officially jumped on the bandwagon. I can finally be apart of the Survivor convo's that I have been left out of for last 17 or so seasons yay.

Oh and I decided to follow my friend Allie's lead and try to get a job at Margaritaville because word on the street is they make way more than I am making now and have a live band every night...uh duh...sign me up! and guess what? they did! ha, they hired me on the spot! ding ding ding jackpot! Its right in the heart of the honky tonk strip on Broadway and I get to wear jeans (the shirts are a bit gay but I am not complaining)
The best part about it is that they will work the training around my other job so I won't lose any money while training and they will slowly work me into the schedule so I can give a proper 2 weeks notice after I train. So I guess I will just work all the time, but its not like I have anything else to do. Make money make money money money!
I celebrated my new job by going to Tootsies and enjoying some country tunes before hitting the road back to Manchester.

Oh wait, I won the pickem this week! I play in the weekly football picks with the guys at work and this week I won! I beat out this guy with the tie breaker, I guessed the total amount of points of the Monday Night Football game.....I don't think its cheating if I copied most of my decisions from the sports page it? Its just research.

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