Tuesday, September 13, 2011

day 52

I had a great day today, well it started off by me stepping on Kilo again, I really wish he wouldn't wrap up in blankets on the floor, (sorry kilo) and then I had to dump my entire purse out because my entire supply of biotin escaped the bottle somehow and placed themselves on the bottom of my purse to be crushed by 1000's of pounds of junk I store on a daily basis. But after that, it was a great day, sun shining, work was busy enough to keep me going for 12 solid hours. I had a party of 15 at the end of the night, so I did a little jig in the kitchen singing "I got a party I got a party" and my boss replied with "Don't F it up don't F it up" ha its much funnier with the sound effects. I didn't, I was perfect and it paid off, yay me. So nothing more to report just cause i am exhausted. good night!

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