Sunday, November 20, 2011

day 102 light at the end of the tunnel

Moving day is coming, everybody sing!!! Yesterday was an awesome day! Not only was it gorgeous out, we got a lot done! Brandy drove up from Manchester and met us at Kelly's house. I made a deal with them both who are "Twi-hards" (Twilight die hards) and all I have been hearing lately from both of them is they can't wait to see the Breaking Dawn movie. So I made a deal with them, y'all help me look for a place and I will go to this movie with y'all. They were all about it, but to be quite honest, I think that both of them would of helped me look for a place regardless, anything to get me the hell out of their house! ha no I know hey don't feel that way...but the time has come regardless! Now I have my entourage in tow, ready to pound the pavement, I had several places and appointments on the agenda. The first place was in Lil Mexico, the 2nd place was in Lil Harlem (yea we didn't even get out of the car for that one) then I showed them the place I had already looked at the day before and the day before that. They loved it, comparably speaking! They immediately felt at ease at this place, lets be clear, its not fabulous but fabulous in my price range. The girls noticed that there were nice cars in the parking lots and not a bunch of beaters and jalopies, that was a good sign, demographically speaking. We went into the leasing office and homegirl can't find the keys to the apartment that I wanted to show my entourage (AKA, first and second opinion) She never found the keys, it was a different girl than who I have been dealing with, so I think the other girl hid the keys so it would not be rented to someone else (she said she would hold it and did it by hiding the keys, brilliant) We went to model instead and both girls gave me the thumbs up on moving in here! My new place has 100 more square feet than my one bedroom in Atlanta and almost $300 less.  So I am going to bring in my application, application fee and deposit today!! WOOT WOOT! I am so excited!!! I am so glad the girls were there to help me make this decision, they both know the area and both said I will be safe there, so YAY! (thanks ladies) ITs on! December 3rd is moving day!! MY CLOUD NINE IS STARTING TO TAKE SHAPE!!

After that we grabbed a bite to eat and then went to the movies. We took the last 3 seats, this place was packed! The movie was pretty good considering I don't get into those types of movies or books for that matter. Then we came back to Kelly's to relax on the deck with a fire in the fire pit.We all get along rally well, so it was a good day. It was so nice out and we took advantage of this last non-cold November day.

Oh did I mention that Mike D lives in the will be nice to have a familiar face in my new hood and maybe he will take me out with his $300 referral fee he will get thanks to me....its all about workin the angles.

Ok gotta go, Brandy is cooking Biscuits and sausage gravy, yippee!

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