Wednesday, November 23, 2011

day 105 vacation

hey hey hey y'all! Today I feel much better, not because the problem is resolved, but because, what will be will be. (and my new Zack Brown CD helped, one of the songs says "I am gonna make this day a lil better than the last" and that is always my motto. I am now at Brandy's house, she is not here, but I stopped here for the night so I wouldn't have to drive over the mountain to my parents at night.

Good day at work, this is the first paid holiday I have have had in 2 years, so I am pumped to take a couple of days off. Work is good, I really enjoy my new team , our old manager is gone and we are gelling nicely. Lasts night drama still exists but I will not stress, I will go with the flow and know that the Lord will make it happen if its supposed to happen.

My girls are excepting me at work, I am being myself and they are complying with my behavior. I had Toni belly laughing today. She said she was going to Illinois tonight and I said "oh that's like 8 hours right?" she was like no its like 3 hours, I said "oh I forgot I was in Tennessee" she belly laughed and said that was the funniest thing she has ever heard and I walked away and listened to her laugh. Then all the girls had a drawing on who they would have for a Secret Santa, (I didn't read the whole email that they sent out..keep that in mind..).We all drew names and I (as a joke) said  "oh crap" when I read the name I drew. Then they started describing the rules, I was like wait, we have to give gifts until Christmas?? They said, " I feel sorry for the name Stephanie drew :)" So now I am on board I am gonna be the best Secret Santa ever. We are supposed to give little gifts like candy or cards until our party...I am in, who doesn't love a Snickers? Bottom line, the girls of the office are starting to get my sense of humor and its fun. Lori, my business manager asked what I was doing for Thanksgiving, just because she wanted to make sure I had somewhere to go, which was nice. I am loving my work people, they are actually pretty funny.

I am going to bed and I am excited to see my family tomorrow!

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