Monday, November 14, 2011

day 98....gitty

Mike D asked to be my friend on FB! Yes, he saw me the other day and now he can't stop thinking about me, I knew it! :) I mean, lets start connecting the dots and him got hired together at Margaritaville, I bowed out and so did he, he was following me to my next job and since he couldn't follow me to my big girl job, he stayed at Blackstone. And now is seeking me out, its only a matter of time until I receive a box of chocolates from a secret admirer on my car...I can't wait.

I went to see a cute little house today. The lady who owns it was so nice, she was a little wacky but super nice( she kinda reminded me of my mom I am not gonna lie). She asked when I could move in and I said tomorrow, she just chuckled. Then later she saw the clothes in the back of my car and she said oh you really do wanna move in tomorrow, ha! Well yes that would be nice. Allie and I are going to see it again Wednesday. I like it, but I don't know if she will like it. I am now getting a little nervous that Allie is not going to be financially ready to move when I am...I don't know that for sure, but waiting tables is so unpredictable and I am sorta having anxiety over it. She mentioned that she is broke right now, not something I want to hear when I am prepared to move in two weeks. I do want to live with Allie, but maybe I should explore my options (one bedrooms) just in case. You never know, I am trying to hold onto the words of Brandy :"Whatever will be will be" I also need to not ignore my pre-anxiety and what the future holds in that respect.

I am really getting into my job, I really do like it.. BUT Fred was fired today, he was my sarcastic touch stone and now my boss Ryan is taking over Fred's position. So things are about to get serious really fast, it should be a good move, I am looking forward to the challenge of switching gears so early in the game.

I am at Kelly's right now, waiting in her to get home, I watched last weeks Grey's a minute ago, that was a good one...nail biter!

Oh I have been given the green light on spilling the beans on Sarah's good news. She got a FAT FAT new job, a job where she can work from home wherever she wants, giving her the opportunity to move back to Pittsburgh to be with her family. She has been secretly wanting to figure out a way to be close with her family and now she has the chance, so I am very happy for her! Go girl!

My dad says that I better find a place soon, I am running out of ways to make jokes about my living situation and he is right, I need some new material! Meaning, stability, an actual mailing address, the post office is so confused, they have no idea where to send my mail. So new material is on its way!! And then I can give a long awaited shout out to one of my very good friends....but not until I am settled....(you know who you are)

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