Wednesday, November 2, 2011

day 87...the parents

SO I came home to the country for the night. I needed a home cooked meal. Or "gross" pasta hardening on Brandy's stove that she wouldn't eat, but I found it less gross and ate it, not great, but less gross and well, free of charge.

My mom, emailed me a country song that she wrote to my dad about my dad and I really feel the need to share this hidden talent that she has kept from the world all these years. She would like for me to get someone in Nashville to record it for her by Christmas. lol.

Here is goes:

Lovin' Jerry is like lassoing the wind.
Ain't no tellin' where that boy's been.
But I'll tell you what and it ain't no lie,
I'll be with him 'til the day I die.

YAY! go mom, love it, I tell you what, the Baswell talents just keep sproutin up out of the dirt like potatoes.

Well my mom felt inspired, they just celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary this past month and I have been meaning to dedicate a blog to them, but couldn't sit still long enough to get the right words out, so what better time then now.

My mom, Karen, and my dad, Jerry, are the two most loving, caring, funny, simple, kooky, parents that ever lived. They brought me and my brother, Ryan, up in their own specific way and for that I thank them. They made their own rules, they made their own timeline, they paved a way for my brother and I to become ourselves on our own terms, mostly by trial and error, but nonetheless, this curvy path allowed us to become strong, spirited individuals (who can't spell a lick). They nurtured our creative nature and encouraged us to make our lives something to be proud of. My mom and dad wanted nothing more than to guide us, to teach us to let God guide us and to give us the tools to become who we are today. Thank you mom and dad.
They have been through many many many many obstacles as a couple and have survived them all, one way or another. A couple who prays together stays together. A couple who laughs together stays together. A couple who trusts together stays together. I will always follow their lead and live one day at a time in the simplest way I know how. Happy 39th Year of not killing each other, I love you.

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