Tuesday, November 29, 2011

day 110

waaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooooooo!!!!!! I got the green light!!! The apartment is mine! I move in on Saturday! wahoooo! This is good news in case anyone is wondering. I have been a nomad for 9 months and this is the home stretch to stability! I will now be able to stretch my legs out in 720 square feet of independence! Ok, next order of business, get some power, gas and cable...hopefully that does not equal another hurdle, if it does, I will either crawl over it or crush it, either way a light will be on the other side, a light I will gladly pay for. This also means I get to hang out with my family 2 weeks in a row as they so graciously haul my starter kit furnishings to me from Georgia and my 2 Tennessee sidekicks to complete my entourage, Brandy and Kelly. Yeehaw! once again I will say...NO WHAMMIES NO WHAMMIES!

I got this news as I while I was decorating the office for Christmas, I was skipping around and everyone thinks I just really love Christmas

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