Wednesday, December 14, 2011

day 120...viral

Well I finally got my big break as a country singer...I am on freakin YouTube! The video of my duet with the service manager, Ben, is now on the internet and it may become viral...I had no idea there was even a video. Brandy saw it and is now suing me for her hospital bill after her ear drum ruptured and is now bleeding.

Last night I hung out with D. Mac, we had some Sushi. I went over to his place and we drove to the restaurant, he is not happy that he now has to open my door every time now since I broadcasted his chivalrous behavior to the world. I am now trying to think of what else I can mention that he has done that he has to keep doing...I will think on that for a minute. It was another evening of laughs and talking about nothing. He told me he had a plan and he hopes its working....I later asked him what that plan was, he said his plan was to just be nice and be all gentleman like and then I told him he was doing a great job. I guess that’s the thing that I am mentioning that he has to keep doing.
Mr. Avocado is to continue to be a gentleman and I will let him.

Today at work, kooky as usual, since our lovely felon receptionist got whisked away in cuffs, we have had to cover her duties; I was up in the rotation. I had to sit up front and be a receptionist. This also meant that I got to watch the entire office on the survaliece cameras, which is on her computer. I got to watch the 3 scandals (the girl Sam, and her 2 boys, one married, one not, the pee in the coffee guy is the married guy) The married guy was told to stay away from Sam during business hours, BUT today on camera I saw the three of them leave for lunch! Paul got into her truck, yes truck, and proceeded to duck down thinking that we was avoiding the cameras and they then followed the other guy out of the gate, what??? Where is the pee in the cup guy, the guy who drank pee and the girl who is sleeping with both of them going??? SCANDELOUS! And I then watched an empty plastic bag being carried by the wind all over the parking lot like on the movie "American Beauty", it was beautifully peaceful.

ok well that’s it for now I gotta go not do laundry and talk to my girl Nena!

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