Saturday, December 17, 2011

day 121..saturday...

Brandy came into town last night; she wanted to see my apartment with actual furniture in it and to have a girl’s night in. When she got here I decided we needed ice so I ran up to the gas station real quick. I am trying to pull out of the complex and this girl flags me down and wants me to roll down my window, she seems harmless enough, looks like a nice little white girl, so I roll down my window. She tells me she ran out of gas, and then tells me this long story about where she needs to go and that she has no money. But she does have this barely used Mariah Carey perfume that's “worth like $20 or $30” that she would like to offer me in exchange for a couple of bucks to fill her gas can. I thought it was a nice change from just flat out begging, she wants to barter instead. I felt bad for her, so I dug out my $2 I had in my wallet, told her to put her perfume away and if she wants to meet me up at the gas station down the street that I would fill up her gas can. She was so grateful and said she would go get it and meet there. I got up to the gas station waited for a few minutes, went inside, got my ice and told the guy behind the counter to put a few bucks on pump 2 for this random girl who is on her way up with a gas can. He then asked me asked me if the girl offered me perfume? If so she was in here yesterday trying to trade gas for perfume. Are you kidding me, I am such a sucker! I told him to still put the money in the pump just in case she showed up (cause I said I would). I never saw her walking as I made my way back and here I thought I was doing a good deed, instead I got hosed, now I wish I would have taken the bitch’s perfume. I woulda rather she said “hey girl, I just smoked my last Winston Light, can you hook me up with a couple bucks, it’s been a slow night and I’m a broke ass.” Don’t just make up a bunch of crap, whatever happened to the honest hookers?

Brandy and I had a good night we sat around looking at old pictures and chatting, it was a low key fun evening. We kicked it to the 90s, reminisced and laughed about the soap opera we call life, correction sit-com.

The status on my shower is this: I just took one and the hot water lasted the whole time at the expense of the water pressure being dialed way down. I guess I am not going to get everything I want out of a shower anymore. To be fair, the pressure was a little much, it kinda felt like a fire hose and had to check to see if I still had eyebrows after I would wash my face, so I guess I will just have to adjust accordingly.

Did my laundry today, the first time I use the "Clothing Care Center.”  First I had to go get a card from the office, then you put money on the card instead of quarters. I threw a $20 in the machine and asked the leasing lady how many loads I would get out of that…she was like “well its $1.25 per load so if you multiply by 20, you would get like 40 loads out of it”. wow. Holy smokes, thanks girl, I literally saw smoke coming out of her ears as she was calculating in her head, and why were we multiplying again? It wasn't as sketchy as I thought it was gonna be and it was quite efficient I might add. They have like 15 washers and dryers so I filled up four of them, came back, 30 minutes later filled up 4 dryers and wam bam, all finished! Most people have to wash their laundry one load at a time like a chumps…ha :)

I decided to visit my mailbox for the first time today and I also decided to let the post office know that I moved…again. I was really excited to find a hand written card from Sarah in my mail box, she sent me a card for no reason. The front of the card says "You're a beautiful friend who brightens my days" AWWW she took the time to put pen to paper, like in the olden days, and write some really nice things that got me all choked up. Thanks girl!

Ok I am gonna go cook something, as I now have groceries, the ketchup and mustard are no longer lonely.

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