Wednesday, August 3, 2011

day 19

So today Brandy left me in charge of not only kilo, but her 8-year-old son....until Friday, while she is in Gatinburg for work.  Check me out Mary-freakin-Poppins! She took her other son to his Grandmothers, I think she thinks that if I manage to keep Jacob in one piece, next time I will get both. This is the test run (poor Jacob).

Ran some errands all day, went to Walmart and I gotta say the teeth/person ratio is astonishing around these parts. I don't get it. Where do all the teeth go? Once one falls out, they just say screw it? One less thing to do in the morning? I am confused. But I gotta say it was the first time I was the most stylish person in a store, pretty sure that has never happened. Anyway, I run my errands and go sit in line with all the other moms to pick up their kids from school. He gets it and I ask him about his first day of school and if he has any home work, he says no, so we get home and I decide we should go on for a run ( isn't that what all 8-year-old boys like to do for fun?).  He is actually all about it, he said he needed to get in shape for football anyway. We head out and the neighbor kid comes running out and joins us. So here we go, me and the boys going for a jog. We go about a mile and a half and the kids are looking a little sluggish, so we turn around, and then it begins "are he there yet?" and "I am gonna pass out!" and "can you carry me?" so I did, I picked up Jacob on my back, yea that lastest for about four steps (it is 3pm at 1000 degrees out). Finally, we got back and they went straight over to the neighbors house....and that's how its done. Wear em out and send em away. He should be ready for bed in about 30 minutes.

Tomorrow is my first day of training. I went and got some shoes, I got the Sketcher Shape-up thingys so my legs and booty will get a nice work out. Wish me luck!

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