Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 42

Sunday is my day to eat my face off. I eat whatever I want all day long and its usually pretty disgusting and none of the food goes together. So today I am going to keep a running journal of everything that I eat. I am a grazer, not a sit down and eat a meal kinda gal. For instance, I have been up for 2 hours and have eaten the following things:

extra sharp cheese (cut a few slices off the block)
sun flower seeds
peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough
one saltine
apple juice
sweet tea

typically I would just have cereal, but we are out of milk.

While we on the subject of what I typically do, I think its time to reveal some of my suspicious behavior that I have only tried to explain to one other person.

I am very superstitious (or maybe that's not the right word, and by the end of this you will have diagnosed me with some acronym disorder) but for now we are are calling it superstitious. It has calmed down over the years but some of the things are still lingering.

If I want to have a good day, I have to alternate things:

For example:

I never wear the same earrings two days in a row, I have to alternate them.

I have to alternate the day I use the same brand of shampoo and condition, the pattern goes like this:
2-3 days in a row: same brand shampoo and conditioner
2 days in a row: just shampoo
2-3 days in a row: same brand of shampoo, different brand of conditioner

Now, the shampoo and conditioner bottles must be facing each other with the lids open, if I want to have good time with whoever I am spending time with that day

Ok moving on,
Back in the day when I got manis and pedis (now I can't afford it)
I had to alternate:
fingers and toes had to have the same color one one visit and the next time, they had to be different

The toilet paper always has to go a certain way (over not under) and if I come to our house, I will change it if its under

The pillow cases (back when I had a bed) had a schedule:
Face each other (the open ends) for 2 days
One faces the other end for one day
and never did they have their backs to each other

When I was living with Gary, I always had to make sure that the tooth brushes were facing each other in the tooth brush holder so we would have good communication

Before I go into work or someones house, I need to decide if the radio or a CD should be playing before I can shut the car off. I have been known to go back in the car, turn it on and change my mind if I didn't feel good about my decision.

I have to alternate the parking spaces I park in at work.

If I am not having a good day, one of these things would be changed immediately

I think that is enough sharing, just a few examples of what I have been doing all my life.

Ok is this normal? everyone has their own little quirky things that noone knows about, right?
 Ok I will write back in a bit with a Sunday food update.

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