Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 38

Um where do I begin.

I will begin with saying that I had the most fun while my cousin was in town.
Between, Brandi teaching me how to two-step, to playing darts, to bon fires, to cooking out, to watching the real world/road rules challenge with Brandy, Brandi, and Randy (ha), to honky tonking in Nashville, I have no complaints. (ok that is a complete lie, but I truely had a great time during the events I just listed)

Brandi (my cuz), Bama Boy and I went to Nashville and listened to the most amazing music, we sang, danced, laughed and had a freakin blast. I needed to see my twin cousin, we are truly two peas in a pod. We totally act off each other and make the room a better place.

Yes, I will say the weekend didn't end as it started....and I got dumped. But ya know, I will not discount the a good time. I will not bash "what's his name" for cutting me loose. Well his exact words were "we need to take a break" and "you never know, things do having a way of working themselves out" so I guess I will hold on to that line of BS for a bit until I am over it. I ordered me up a country boy, he made me laugh, he let me be myself, he talked my ear off, he told me were a good fit and I agreed.

So, I will trust that everything does happen for a reason and if we will be, we will be.

My Mom, sent me the sweetest email today to cheer me up and I gotta say it did. Thank you Mommy :)

I just got off the phone with Marybeth and she told me to stop dating for awhile and focus on my career search and place to live. I truly enjoy living with Brandy and her kids and she has been nothing but wonderful to me (thanks girl) but the last thing I want to do is wear out my welcome, so MB, you are right.

anyhoo, I am gonna go waller for a bit, the couch is calling my name and I just can't ignore the couch, its been very good to me.

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