Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 39

Today is a new day, or was. I had a new attitude sorta. I really have nothing to report. I went to work, made $30 and put in directly into my gas tank, like I did the day before and the day before that. I literally work for gas since I drive an hour to and fro. So, I need to work on plan B, whatever that may be. My little friend Max made me laugh all day today, we were singing country songs all day and now he wants to go Kareoking with me soon. I told him I can rock a few songs on stage, so this should be fun. The last time I did kareoke, I sang Beyonce's "All the Singles ladies" and acted out the entire video, I am surprised I wasn't signed buy a major record label at that moment. Tomorrow night I am staying with a friend from work, gonna check out her place as a potential place to live in Nashville.

Oh my gosh, me and Brandy are sitting in the living room right now and Jacob just got up and I think we just witnessed him sleeping walking. That was trippy! He had no idea where he was! Whoa!

Ok, gotta go, we have to watch the Real World/Road Rules Challenge finale!! I love it. Its my favorite

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