Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 35

Last night was really fun. Me and ol boy cooked dinner and then went outside and jumped on his trampoline (he has a daughter who comes over every other weekend) I showed him my butt-knee-flip. I am pretty sure I heard his heart flutter when I landed.  He has 3 gardens full of vegetables and 2 grape vines that will be used to make homemade wine one day. We picked fresh veggies and made taco salads. I really like the country living, I think it agrees with me. I feel so calm when I am out new name maybe Calmwell....has who am I kidding Spaswell is alive and well.

My kitchen manager at work is named Kendra, I try to make her laugh all the time and she keeps insisting she has no sense of humor and I keep insisting that one day, I will make her belly laugh (just a side note that I will update on) will day...I may need to pull out some serious material for this to happen, but it's now a goal of mine.

I am currently waiting on my cousin, Brandi, to arrive, her is ETA is 9:03pm Central time and I cannot wait!!
She ain't never been to the south before and now I gotta show her what's up. Her goal is to see some cowboys, I think I can make that happen. We will either go to the Wilson County Fair or Nashville...either way, cowboys will be in the mix.

Ok I gotta go pull some more ticks off of Kilo, its something I have come accustomed to. The ticks are out-of-control here, and he is a low-rider dog and when he plows through the grass he comes out half tick/half wiener dog---poor guy.

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