Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 20

Started off the day wanting to take off my layered clumped up toenail polish, so I go to drug store and buy some remover.  Its a little bitty jar, and to my surprise, it was the kind with the sponge in it that is designed  to dunk your finger in it, not your toe. I am desperate so I lift up my toe and dunk it in (the jar is as big as my toe) and it spilled all over the floor and my shoe. Ok polish stays on a little longer.
Good first day! Played hostess today with my boy Rob, we both started today. Me, him and the hostess totally got a long, busted some chops, laughed and got to know each other. Turns out he was married at the age 18 to a 32-year-old...whoa cougar town! And they are now divorced. shocking. Anyway, I talked his ear off all day, I think he was ready for the socially deprived girl to shut the hell up by the end of the day.

 I am currently doing some NFL research online, so I can sound cool on my date this weekend. He loves football so I am gonna try and impress him with my some factoids. I look at it as being prepared, kinda a like I would for an interview. Preparation equals confidence. I am good at first impressions because of preparation, the 2nd and 3rd impressions are a little suspect and completely unpredictable. sorta like a bait and switch, come outta the gate swinging and from there I coast straight into La La land.

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