Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 33

Ok Bama boy just forwarded me a pic of a tattoo of my name on his back. I am pretty sure that its a downloaded photo off the Internet, but either way, the fact that he went through the trouble to do that is hilarious....or maybe its real and we have a whackadoo on our hands.

Today was good at work, I really like the people I work with, this little guy Max is my buddy, we laugh all day long. I was very pleased to get a $60 tip on $120 check...what what...the hour long drive can be taxing but its really not bad because of the no traffic factor.

Ok filled my blog quota, now gonna dive into some crap reality TV.

Wait...just got off the phone with my cousin, Brandi, she is coming to visit me this weekend YAYAYAYAY!!!!! She resides in AZ, but is working in St. Louis for awhile, so she is gonna drive down here!!! I am so excited! She is my twin cousin, we look alike, act alike,cuss alike and just figured out we bought the same exact bathing suit this its safe to say we think alike. can't wait!!!!

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